Northwest Agricultural Consultants is a full service NAPT-PAP accredited analytical laboratory specializing in soil, plant, and water testing. We have actively been of service to the agricultural community of the Pacific Northwest for over thirty-five years. Our client base includes:

·         major agricultural retailers

·         governmental agencies

·         universities

·         private farming operations

·         environmental laboratories and consultants

·         geotechnical firms

·         landfill operators

·         Treatment plants

Northwest Agricultural Consultants specializes in soil and plant tissue analysis for fertility requirements. We continuously participate in multiple independent analytical proficiency programs to ensure that our laboratory maintains the highest level of accuracy and precision in our data.

Our methodologies are based upon the programs developed by the western universities. We actively participate in the development and standardization of testing procedures in our industry. Since our clients span all of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, we are familiar with the soil and cropping practices of this area.

Our turnaround time is quick – typically one business day. We can tailor our programs to meet your needs in terms of reporting methods, chain of custody, or billing frequency.

We offer an excellent service in a prompt, cost effective fashion and we are eager to assist you with your analytical needs.

Wade Carter, President